► Superhero (Naxeex LLC) Android Gameplay

► Superhero (Naxeex LLC) Android Gameplay

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Eye lasers, superhero shroud, levitation!

Battles with future robots.

Epic diversion with affirmed superhero!

There is a considerable measure of violations in the city and individuals require a genuine legend as their safeguard.

The genuine justice fighter. The person who will retaliate for all the torment of nearby subject.

Join the tribunal squad. The group of super people on monitor of equity!

Prepare your champion to end up distinctly the tempest of nearby packs.

Redesign your abilities to vanquish even irate shielded robots.

Demonstrate your foes that you are a genuine superhero and nor slugs nor rockets nor lasers can get you down!

Be the saint today!

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  2. God will we ever have a respectful super hero game that’s not a complete fucking Joke??? I mean come on after watching all of these super hero movies is NO ONE inspired to make super hero games? The market is there.

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