【Blade & Soul】 Female Kun and Gon Profiles [1]

【Blade & Soul】 Female Kun and Gon Profiles [1]

Hey Hey~ ^^ ( Links to the profiles are the description )

I wanted to share some profiles that i’ve made! This video is only a few female Kun’s and Gon’s but do not worry! I will make a video for Jin’s and Lyn’s as well as a male only version. ( I like to create males too ;3 ) When I get the time of course. These videos take a while to edit. x.x’ You may use all of these characters and edit them as you like! Which one is your favorite/are you going to use?

Please let me know if you like these types of videos and i’ll try my best to make more. :’D

In order (The links will take you to Dropbox) ;
1. Analia –
2. Rikki –
3. Sylviana –
4. Kalina –
5. Ekimora –
6. Diana –
7. Aurora –
8. Crimson –
9. Anna –
10. Katana –
11. Lavoria –
12. Lilith –
13. Kalea –
OR take them all

Let me know if any link is messed up please. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ❤ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

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