[Fate AMV] Gilgamesh x Saber – Contagious Chemistry

[Fate AMV] Gilgamesh x Saber – Contagious Chemistry

Disclamer: I don’t own anything, I just make this amv just for fun! They’re my current OTP so I’ve decided to make this amv.

Song: You Me At Six – Contagious Chemistry
Anime: Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night (2006), Carnival Phantasm
Game : Fate/Grand Order

Some fanarts are taken from pixiv, credits to all artists

Tag: gilgamesh x saber, fate/zero, fate/staynight, fate zero, fate stay night, gilgamesh x saber, gilgamesh, saber, arturia pendragon, carnival phantasm, fate grand order, otp, ship, amv, anime

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