[FMV/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu] Karma x Okuda – Golden Sky

[FMV/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu] Karma x Okuda – Golden Sky

Anime: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Music: Jessica Jung – Golden sky

I really hate it how manga and anime of assclass is over. like no!!! when the manga ended, i was like, the anime is still ongoing but now the anime is ended, i feel empty again.

Also, during this anime, they kind of missed out the most important moments of the manga – which i can understand why but they should have made it into a 26-27 ep anime instead of 25 since they did miss out certain scenes – that i think were important.

Honestly, I was sad that they didn’t animate okuda saying ‘i want karma to win’ because i mean it was cute af in the manga lol but I’m happy that they animated the scene that karma grabbed her arm to run + in the anime, it looked better and pretty and yeah!

Ok, haters and losers. Look, i hate dealing with mean comment toward this OTP because otps in manga/anime isn’t a big deal, everything is done for fun and there’s no need to have deep feelings attach to it. Just like you don’t need my approval for your opts, neither do i need it. i seriously don’t give a f, if you hate this ship. I don’t care if the entire world hates this ship. I’m still shipping them. also… the author ships them hence the author purposely made them close to each – get the freaking hint.

As mention before, I DO DELETE RUDE COMMENTS so don’t bother to write one because nobody will thumb it up since I deleted it and I will probably block you, depending how rude you get in the comment section. Bottom line, stop telling me something that I don’t care … like you honestly, think i care about your hate towards this otp? no, so stop wasting your time to telling somebody that doesn’t care.

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