IGG-Games Install Tutorial – Circuit Pro

IGG-Games Install Tutorial – Circuit Pro

Welcome to my tutorial on how to install games. This is mostly uncut except for when needing to find a new game to download. I apologize for its length. But it had to be a long video in order to show the website works.

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  1. Heya, I know this is a really old video and you probably might not see this, but could you make a tutorial on how to download the game, "Dungeon defenders Awakened" this game needs a different procedure to crack it then the rest I've ever cracked, apparently after I move the files from the codex (the steam crap) to the installed setup files AKA The game's folder, it still opens up steam

  2. Ok I only so far used this for games that have been completely wiped off the stores in which for my case it's the old Need for Speed games. I couldn't find the game I was looking for anywhere unless if it's a collectible factory sealed DVD. So I resorted to this and it worked fine but I still feel guilty for not buying it because I'm not a fan of piracy but I had no choice. So in my opinion, if I ever use this again to get games it will probably be because the game is hard to find or it's an old game being sold at an expensive price.

  3. Hey I downloaded Totono VN game and i extracted the iso file and launched the through the thing that says totono. Exe but then it doesnt do anything after. Is there something wrong?

  4. When i extract anything from it it just says that i don’t have enough storage on my hardisk can someone help me? Not when i download the zip file but when i try to extract it

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