Immortals Fenyx Rising: 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Immortals Fenyx Rising: 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out 20 minutes of PC gameplay footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising, previously known as Gods & Monsters.

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27 Trả lời “Immortals Fenyx Rising: 20 Minutes of Gameplay

  1. The game play just doesn’t look fun and the original art style looked so much better this doesn’t look like a triple a game at all, the ui and hud are really bad as well it looks like a mobile game. Is this gonna be cross gen with the ps5 and series x it looks like a ps3 game? Also OMG THE NAME IS TERRIBLE THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST STUCK WITH GODS AND MONSTERS. The character design is terrible and the map looks so clusterd.

  2. Everything about this game looks dull and generic. At best like a cheap Zelda Botw knockoff, but without any of its charm, creativity and overall aesthetics.
    The initial trailer and title got me hyped. This is however is far beyond disappointing.

  3. Hitscan already broken, UI is garbage, name from a mobile, graphics with no real depth, lack of real textures and justifying them by "comic" look. Meh. It was supposed to be BoTW for PC gamers or what.

  4. It seems like the game is 80% BoTW even down to the telekinesis with the cube and the noise when you finish a puzzle. The world, the climbing, I'm surprised Nintendo haven't filed a lawsuit, lazy, lazy, lazy by Ubi. Uninspiring developers, sad.

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