Master Yi Mid vs Zed – KR Master Patch 10.16

Master Yi Mid vs Zed – KR Master Patch 10.16

#MasterYi Mid played by 홍코노1, #KRMaster 46 LP
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More information:
– Skin: Samurai Yi
– Primary Rune: Conqueror
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

More replays:
– Mid:
– KR Master:

00:00 Ban & Pick
00:15 Runes & Abilities
01:26 Gameplay
03:08 Team FIGHT
03:36 Gameplay
04:51 Team FIGHT
05:19 Gameplay
08:24 Team FIGHT
08:52 Gameplay
11:16 Get a Double Kill
11:48 Take down The Turret
12:15 Gameplay
14:50 Get a Double Kill
15:14 Take down The Turret
15:33 Gameplay
17:04 Team FIGHT
17:48 Gameplay
18:29 Team FIGHT
18:51 Get a Triple Kill
19:16 Hunt The Dragon
19:43 Gameplay
20:22 Team FIGHT
20:50 Gameplay
22:26 Team FIGHT
22:46 Get a Triple Kill
23:13 Take down The Inhibitor
24:21 End credit (Damage dealt and Item & Abilities order)

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