Mildly Acceptable Inuyasha Games

Mildly Acceptable Inuyasha Games

The video everyone asked for

Inuyasha is a decent anime/manga. A lot of people like the story that blends romance and shonen well enough to transcend the tropes of the genre to some degree of success.

Inuyasha video games, PS2 or otherwise, are pretty bad. I like them, but the critics weren’t too keen. The strength of anime games is that they hit their audience almost all of the time anyway. Fans will be fans.

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  1. miroku's character is ment as a criticism towards perverted japanese Buddhist monks of that era, he is supposed to attract that type of response from the reader/viewer. inuyasha has way more historical and folkloric references than most people realize. also I think you don't remember the show well bc Kagome gets mistaken for a demon too and gets purified with salt by the villagers so the game is based on that

  2. haven't finished the video but secret of the cursed mask is already gettin me miffed bc inuyasha and kagome are the only ones who can use the well. kagome KNOWS this too i'm pretty sure.

  3. I played most of these games, and nostalgia is really the only reason I come back to them. Here's hoping the 20th anniversary will herald a new (and better) game. Now I need to go fight as Shippou in Feudal Combat and laugh as my all my enemy's attacks miss because I'm two feet tall.

  4. I actually really liked Secret of the Cursed mask for it's story and character interactions, and I liked unlocking everyone's team attacks. The combat could have stood to be more interesting for as long as the game is, but I finished the game not once, but twice, so at least in my opinion the combat is passable for what I found to be a fun journey

  5. I’ve never heard of that Demon Tournament game, but it looks awesome! I can’t speak for the gameplay but most of the graphics are WAAYYY more polished than what I would expect for the time. If somebody had told me it were official, I’d believe it.

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