Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval House | Easy Medieval House Tutorial

Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval House | Easy Medieval House Tutorial

In this build tutorial i will show you how to build a medieval house in minecraft. This is a simple build with a with a little bit of a fantasy style. It’s built using easy to gather materials and has plenty of space for survival.

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► Texture Pack: Better Leaves Add-on
► Shaders: BSL
► BlueNerd Texture Pack:


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31 Trả lời “Minecraft: How to Build a Medieval House | Easy Medieval House Tutorial

  1. Great house and great video, I did this house as my own in a server with friends! I had a question though, I wanted to copy your interior but I don't know which object is the one where you place the food in that cabinet at the left when you enter the house, I hope you can answer this, thank you!!!

  2. I JUST MADE 2 OF THESE HOUSES took a little while so worth it you earned a new subscriber for your amazing nice calm and intresting vidoes Edit: i just can't even comprehend how amazing and cool this looks thank you so much!

  3. I started a survival world the other day after 4 years since my last one, and I just finished this house today! It's just as awesome as this tutorial. The only bummer is I can't sleep in the bed with the string above it to hold up the carpets, it says "bed is obstructed" but other than that it's such a cool starter house!

  4. so i have been wondering since usually a castle is prepared to be sieged upon, could you maybe do something like a food storage building or something of the sort? i haven't seen any on your accound so far.

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