Nautilus Support vs Thresh – KR Grandmaster Patch 10.3

Nautilus Support vs Thresh – KR Grandmaster Patch 10.3

#Nautilus Support played by T1 nyx, #KRGrandmaster 8 LP

More information:
– Runes: 00:18 (Aftershock)
– Damage dealt: 32:43
– Ability & Build: 32:32
– Skin: Classic Nautilus
– Match History:
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

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– Support:
– KR Grandmaster:

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4 Responses to "Nautilus Support vs Thresh – KR Grandmaster Patch 10.3"

  1. Why does he buy magic resist at his first back, when both his lane enemies+the jungler are AD. Maybe im not seeing something here and i mean its fine for gargoyle but why wouldnt you go with armor


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