New Game!!! 【YURI AMV】 Ko x Rin

New Game!!! 【YURI AMV】 Ko x Rin

Because they are the best yuri couple in yuri heaven!!!

Yagami Ko and Toyama Rin from New Game.

Anime: New Game Season 1 & 2
Song: Ko & Rin Character Song – Little Bitter Duet

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31 Responses to "New Game!!! 【YURI AMV】 Ko x Rin"

  1. I fucking love these two 💕
    Words can’t describe how much I wanted them to end up together after Season 1
    I felt like my poor little yuri fangirl heart was going to explode, they’re just too cute!
    (Don’t ask me why I haven’t watched Season 2 yet. I have a bit of a backlog that I’ve only just got started on…)


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