Paid Games VS Pirated Games

Paid Games VS Pirated Games

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Paid Games VS Pirated Games

This video shows a comparison between Paid games and Pirated games. (Based on my own opinion)

I just wanted to show you that pirating the game is not easy. Yes you can download and play it for free but there are many more problems that one experiences by pirating a game.

But still if you pirate games then that’s awesome. Not all the games are attached with virus. You are able to enjoy the game without paying.


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An Animation By AyusAnimation
Paid Games VS Pirated Games
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37 Trả lời “Paid Games VS Pirated Games

  1. i would pay for my games to but unfortunately im a teen and my parents dont wanna give me . Dont tell me to ask them for work , i worked all summer everyday at least 5 hours and i exchange i would sometimes get a cold fresh soda , nothing else . Also i have high grades and my parents can afford 1-2 games a month but they just refuse

  2. I heard that developers prefer people who crack games than ones Who buy the game from other illegal stores. They say that even if there will be less profit, at least in cracked games the gamer have fun. They prefer this, instead of people who give to other illegal sites money. And they are even happier if the gamers leaves a review to the game.

  3. How to avoid getting a virus while pirating
    step 1 be smart
    step 2 dont use sites that are to suspicious
    step 3 stick with what you know
    step 4 if its not cracked yet dont download
    step 5 profit

  4. dont you have the games on YOUR FUCKING STEAM ACCOUNT? if you format your pc you can just install them from steam beacuse you have them on your account!!! also, why dosent that guy have adblock?

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