People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

► People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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41 Trả lời “People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  1. My fat ugly aunt used to stare at me lewdly while panting, drooling, and shoving pillsbury biscuits into her fat face. I made a plan that if she ever tried to grab my pickle, I'd bodyslam her to the kitchen floor, shove a funnel in her mouth, and pour expired salad dressing down her throat

  2. Is this in my recommended list because of another video i just watched, or the step sis ASMR… which i TOTALLY got on accident?!
    I see my sister as sister, not as another girl, so no such feelings, buuuuut i guess some fantasies with ASMR (either calming or…) about a step sis and her feelings for me makes me feel good, somehow.
    I guess if i had a non-blood related step sis, things MAY have been different, should she have been into me… can't say for sure, as i've only always had a real sister.
    I just have a fetish, that's all 😛
    I wouldn't mind roleplaying it with my (non-blood related) GF, should i ever get one, though 😀

  3. To anyone defending it, because it's supposedly only harmful because of how society views it, here's something to think about.. While that was definitely true in my case, I try to remember those who are not so lucky, and have been harmed physically by incest, like literally raped and brutalized.. so I don't excuse the act itself.. for me, it fucked my head up because I didn't know it was wrong until I came out about it later and how society viewed that was super heavy on me. For as long as I can remember, I was groomed sexually by 4 of my much older cousins. It went on until I was 10. I really thought nothing of it. It was my normal. It was only until I fell in love with one of them, and they got scared and stopped that I was angry, and out of anger expressed myself to a trusted adult who in return educated me on how wrong it was. That added to the stress. And looking back, I wish I knew what it was like to be a virgin. I haven't had the chance to be one.. And I know how wrong it is to make a 10 yr old fall in love. Children can't handle that shit. Yeah children play house and play bf/gf but I'm talking, it was real on my end but I was just a piece of tail to him. He lead me on romantically, not just sexually and woke those feelings up in me only to make me, an emotional unbalanced child deal with them on my own, because he was scared. He knew it was wrong, and I did not (nor would I have cared if he just stayed with me) but if we were ever caught in the act, he would have been punished for it. He was 14. I forgive them for it, they were only teens, and teenagers are stupid and horny. But it fucking hurt… I'm grateful I haven't experienced anything forced or especially violent. It's just wrong nonetheless. Kinda fucked up how every guy I meet is going to be subconsciously compared to my cousin. 🙁

  4. Is it sad that I consider these stories "unusual but vanilla family secrets" type stories? I mean, my therapy groups would generally shrug at these as if "normal" people would talk about accidentally farting in front of their boss, accidentally brushing against the butt of a coworker in an accidentally sexual way in passing, or getting a speeding ticket.

  5. It's really funny to talk about incest related topics in the western world.

    But here in the pacific islands… shit. You got to date someone from a different island or at most, date people with different ethnicities. Everyone is related somehow on the same island, and it's so fucken crazy.

  6. Hi, I'm just here to remind everyone that it's okay if your cousin is 3rd,4th and so on, also it is legal to marry them. Why do I know this? My friend had a huge crush on this girl but I overheard she has the same middle name as the surname of my friends dad (he didn't use his dad's surname).

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