THE BEST Gaming Bean Bag – Game Over by Loft 25 bean bag Unboxing

THE BEST Gaming Bean Bag – Game Over by Loft 25 bean bag Unboxing

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Unboxing and review of the Loft 25® GAME OVER Fel Magic (Lime) Bean Bag Gaming Chair, the best gaming bean bag on the market!

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Loft 25® GAME OVER Fel Magic (Lime) Bean Bag Gaming Chair

✔️ THE BEST ITEM FOR GAMERS: Treat yourself to a bean bag for your room. You need a durable, flexible and comfortable chair to ensure your posture is just right while gaming. Designed specifically for gamers, there are cool features and colours available in our collection.
✔️ LONG HOURS OF USE: You’ll no longer be feeling sore after hours of gaming. This bean bag chair was designed to be comfortable whilst your eyes are glued to the screen. Once you sit down, it’ll be even harder to get up!
✔️ SPECIAL FEATURES: With pockets attached to one side, it’s a suitable size to put your controller pad in with an extra pocket for your drink or snacks too. It helps you stay organised and keep the controller pad in a safe place instead of on the floor. There is also a velcro strap where you can hang your headphones.
✔️ WATER-RESISTANT FABRIC: The material used is the perfect fabric for this bean bag as it will handle anything you throw at it. So cleaning it won’t be an issue and you can get rid of stains by using a damp cloth.
✔️ DESIGNED BY LOFT 25: In the heart of the UK, our factory produces thousands of items per day. With a dedicated design team, we strive in producing items that are comfortable and worthwhile for our customers.

Product description
Introducing the GAME OVER! collection – specifically manufactured and designed for gamers.
As a gamer, you’ve probably spent a fortune on games and consoles over the last few years, but have you ever considered investing in a comfortable seat? Whilst you are sitting in one position for hours, you’re going to need a seat that helps with your posture. One of the biggest concerns is your comfort as you’ll be sitting in one spot for hours and it can leave you feeling tired after the game. Luckily, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your gaming experience even more, as we’ve designed a bean bag chair that’s specifically made for gamers.
With special features such as pockets to put your controller pad or snacks, you’ll find that this bean bag will keep you feeling organised and content so you won’t have to get up! There is also a headphone hanger on the other side of the chair so you can hook your headset on there once you’re done.
Approximate measurements: L83cm, W60cm, H83cm, SH42cm
This bean bag chair is not only designed for your comfort, but it’s actually very practical too. Using a water-resistant fabric, it was manufactured to allow the user to maintain and clean the bean bag easily. So no matter what you spill, you’ll be able to get rid of stains with a damp cloth.
This bean bag has just the right amount of bean filling that brings out the shape of the chair and when you sink into it, you’ll emerge more refreshed than you did before playing games. So are you ready to sit back and enjoy the ride? Set up your own gaming space to enhance your ultime gaming experience.
Colours available:
✔️ Fire Rune – Red
✔️ Soul Reaper – Blue
✔️ Fel Magic – Lime
✔️ Portal Jump – Orange
✔️ Scorpion Chain – Yellow
✔️ Purifying Code – Silver
✔️ Twilight Princess – Pink
✔️ Dragon Skin – Purple
✔️ Lich Blade – Turquoise
This bean bag chair was designed in the UK, by LOFT 25..

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