Tiger Knight: Empire War Gameplay – Part 1 (REVIEW – Let's Play Tiger Knight Walkthrough)

Tiger Knight: Empire War Gameplay – Part 1 (REVIEW – Let's Play Tiger Knight Walkthrough)

My thoughts and gameplay from the tutorials, character creation, new player experience, first PvP matches and the Epic War PvE mode.
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Basic Tutorial Cutscene – 0:37
Basic Tutorial – 1:28
Command Tutorial – 8:38
Character Creation & New Player Intro – 14:34
PvP Multiplayer Match 1 – 25:07
PvP Multiplayer Match 2 – 29:35
Customization & Upgrades – 34:25
PvP Multiplayer Match 3 – 37:31
Epic War PvE Mode – 41:21
Conclusions & Rewards From Epic War Mode – 50:06

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What is Tiger Knight: Empire War ?
“Tiger Knight: Empire War is a massive multiplayer online PVP game which reenacts large-scale wars begin from 300 BC. It reproduces true equipment from history such as weapons, armors and horses. With its single battle and team battle systems, Tiger Knight: Empire War brings you back to the brutal era of melee wars.

The game is set in the biggest empires in 200 AD: the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire, the Kushan Empire and the Parthian Empire. Play as the General in one of these empires. Lead your own soldiers. Win the war with skills, strategies and cooperation.

Tiger Knight uses the optimized Unreal3 engine, as well as the PhysX physical engine, Hair Works hair dying skills and advanced action motion capture skills so that every element of Tiger Knight restores the true history. Each piece of weapon and armor is made according to antiques. Join us and experience the battles of 200 AD.”

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Tiger Knight: Empire War Gameplay – Part (GENERAL REVIEW – Let’s Play Tiger Knight: Empire War Walkthrough)

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