Wanna One Quiz? Are you a True Wannable? / Get to know Wanna One.

Wanna One Quiz? Are you a True Wannable? / Get to know Wanna One.

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made this little quiz, testing your Wannable knowledge. How much do you know about Wanna one? Let me know if it is too easy or too hard! XD

Thanks for taking the time to watch my video. ^_^

I was so excited to hear about their golden age comeback coming soon. but honestly constantly stressing about when wannaone breakup DX Just gotta enjoy them together while we can and Minhyun going back to nu’est is gonna be AMAZING! So there are loads of up and downs about it!
sorry if I got some of the facts wrong, I wholeheartedly checked them each like 3 times, so I don’t think there should be any errors but I’m also a pleb…. so you never know lol

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37 Trả lời “Wanna One Quiz? Are you a True Wannable? / Get to know Wanna One.

  1. Yoon jisung
    Daniel & Woojin
    3- minhyun, Woojin, Daniel
    B. Peter&Rooney
    B. 167 cm
    Lai Guanlin
    Bae Jinyoung
    C. August 7th 2017
    Kim Jaehwan
    B. David Lee
    Kim Jaehwan
    C. Kang Euigeon
    Park Jihoon
    B. TOP
    8 months

  2. This really help me a lot since I'm a new wannable ( wait i don't think so hahhahah) I cannot really focus in kpop since I'm busy with my studies. Again, Thank youuuu

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