Warcraft 3 | Custom | X Hero Siege Extreme 4

Warcraft 3 | Custom | X Hero Siege Extreme 4

Download X Hero Siege 3.33

X Hero Siege is a Defense / Survival Warcraft 3 map where your team Select their hero to defend the castle and kill all dark forces.

Suggested Heroes for new players that want a strong Hero:
Dryad – Arthas – Ghost – Ranger – DH/MK – Beastmaster – Pala Potm/Rifle – Blademaster – Pitlord – Sorc – DL – Lich

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Produced by Rich “WTii” Langley
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Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne)
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Version: 1.30.2
Mode: Multiplayer
Platform: PC
Genres: Real-time Strategy, Fantasy
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