You Should Be Reading: Liar Game

You Should Be Reading: Liar Game

Welcome to the first episode of YSBR! In this video series, we look at all the different and obscure manga that people should definitely check out, based off my own recommendation. Today’s topic is Liar Game! A psychological thriller about a young optimistic girl and her cunning friend battling an evil organization at their own game!

If you have any series you’d like talked about, by all means leave a comment below. Make sure to share, and thank you so much for watching!

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19 Trả lời “You Should Be Reading: Liar Game

  1. funny thing, there’s a game in Kakegurui which is similar to the one in Liar Game, the Russian roulette game, of course Liar Game there’s no bullet inserted in the gun

    What it blows my mind that this manga started in 2005 when I was 8 and finished in 2015 when I graduated from high school

  2. To be honest I thought it was a fairly optimistic series all in all, despite how realistic it was. Maybe not blindly naive like Mao, was in the beginning, but DEFINITELY more on the optimistic than the pessimistic side at least.

  3. This manga really left a strong impact on me and to me the it’s a bit surprising how only few people talks about this. It got me into studying college game theory lectures while being high school student though lol

  4. I really really enjoyed this series. Once you start a game, it's hard to put it down until you see how it ends. It's been a while since I've read it, but the only complaint I remember was it was either a bit sexist or transphobic. I'm not knocking it hard, as it makes sense for the time and where it was made, but I'd really enjoy seeing a modern adaptation of this.

    Ending felt a bit lackluster, but I honestly couldn't have come up with anything better. And especially after how hype the previous games got, I can forgive it even more.

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